The Crackup

by Kinjac

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released July 7, 2010

all songs written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael O'Shea (Kinjac) at Solotechne Studios.
released by Solotechne Records.



all rights reserved


Solotechne Records Asheville, North Carolina

Solotechne Records is now Seven Moths Records.

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Track Name: Futility
fuck your wars
and all that you stand for
seventh wonder why
we even try

my platitudes
seem so rude
in mixed company
and I'm trying hard not to offend
I'm at my wits end
with what to do
it's no use
tie the noose
and kick it out from under

oh give it up
give it up
give it up
give it up
give it up

they've got a box around you
they tell you what to do
they've got their chains around you
they tell you what to do

give you directions
on how when and who to love
give you a credit limit
force you to go above

it's so useless
to try and fight it
it's so futile
to try and fight it
Track Name: Stimuli
forget the sense of self
you once held
and just unmeld
the unified i

a multiplicity
walks in the city streets
that lie in between
the cracks of my mind

made of the skyscrapers
built of the grey matter
that lies six inches
behind my eyes

gets filtered into
truth and lies
black and white

black and white
Track Name: Hypochondria
it's so easy
when you don't know
what it means
and it's so easy
when all you see
is what it seems
and it's so easy
to just get by
and it's so easy
to live a lie

I do it over and over again

and complications to your plans
heart attacks
set you back
to square one
all over again
don't you know
you're not done yet?
you know
you're not done yet
Track Name: Sedatives
just calm down
you're in no danger now
why so worried?
why so worried, man?

they're only here to help you out
Track Name: Hypnagogia
their diatribe's memetic
it's infected all of your peers
transmitted inside the space
between your laughter and your tears
it's in everything you hear
it's in the water
canon fodder
for the politics of fear
so come near
and listen close
to this ghost
sent down
to drown
the illusions they've been using
to calm you down
that's how they tear you down
social anesthetic
inherited memetics
from past relics
in our present

but this is not what is seems
I'm lying to myself in a dream
hypnagogic memory
distracting me
from the dystopian reality
that exists outside of me
that even I can't see
so come with it now
I wanna hear what you're thinking now
tell me how we're gonna turn it all around
before the walls come crashing down
before the walls come crashing down

I'm half asleep
in the space
my subconscious
keeps clear for me
for thinking
this is not quite real
yet the appeal is that
it's not quite not
I haven't got
what I've got
through thought
Track Name: Archetypes
an archetype has marked out
what it means to be right
here I'm in the clear
I steer far from near
from the pressure of the one
who's deep within the sun
I'm having fun
and I'm not done
I bet
you're lost
and I'm no better off
which one's the worse for wear
the ignorant or aware?
beware the imitation
consternation from sublimation
existential fascination
an automaton nation
I escape
down that sewer grate
liquid pills popped in
bottles dropped
down the throat
a moat
to keep my language in
the ivory castle
philosopher sits idle
don't let him out
just scream and shout
and feel that beat hit
with your cigarette lit
drink up in my brain
I act insane
it's just a game
it's all the same
it's all the same
oh feel that beat hit

oh feel that beat hit
Track Name: Stimuli (Live)
Recorded live March 2010.