Seven Years Bad Luck

by Kinjac

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released January 20, 2009

all songs written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael O'Shea (Kinjac) at Solotechne Studios.
released by Solotechne Records.



all rights reserved


Solotechne Records Asheville, North Carolina

Solotechne Records is now Seven Moths Records.

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Track Name: The Fall
you can think what you want but it doesn’t change the facts of the matter there are no facts of the what’s the matter with you? you seem the to think in terms of false and true. you seem to think in terms of false and true.

bright lights of the big city blind me out of my mind me i don’t have a clue what i’m talking about i just shout out nonsense to try and make sense of what i see. oh, don’t mind me. i’m just an ant standing still in the middle of all these crumbling walls.

watching the fall.
Track Name: Time
can’t find the time to figure out my mind. what’s a boy to do? what are any of us to do?

kill the clock. find time for your mind. slow on down. stop. relax a bit.
find time to analyze. to answer all the whys. let it all sink in. let it all sink.

dissipate in your psyche.
take hold. root. grow. slowly.
Track Name: Omni
i failed the test. i’m put out of your trite contest. outsider to your grand experimental mess. i undress myself of the clothes you’ve robed me in. begin to take a step towards what i see.

oh, drown me in everlasting bliss. steal a kiss from the mist and sink down in the sea.
i return to me.

what do you want from me? i thought i opted out conscientiously abstained only to be arraigned in the courts of the emperor. i render to you what is yours but you always want more.

you’re breaking down the doors to my mind. you’re not happy with it simply confined. you want it all.
you want it all.
Track Name: Terror
we’ve caught the bug
we’re eaten up
wrapped up in your
blanket names for
all those things that
go bump in the

we’re terrified.
oh, we’re terrified.
we’re terrified of ourselves.
oh, won’t you save us from us?
Track Name: I Walk
wake up to bitter
sweet smell of concrete.
désolé it’s the
way it’s got to be.

c’est la vie
turn the key and
open up to me
open up to me.

now die here in the
down beat so low down
velvet clouds surround
the ground on which i

decay blindly i
need time to go and
grow my own set of
wings for the time being

i walk.
Track Name: [Wake Up America]
speech by congressman dennis kucinich at the 2008 democratic national convention.