by Michael O'Shea

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explanation of the Postcards album:

Postcards are short messages between friends and loved ones sent from far away places. Traditionally "postcards" refers to pieces of paper with messages and stamps sent via mail. But we can expand the word to include all forms of sending short messages across distances. We can think of texts, phone calls, facebook messages, tweets, skype videos, etc. all as postcards. I like to conceptualize these modern forms of communication as "postcards" because it gives them a more poetic feel harkening back to more Romantic times. This album is a collection of postcards made of sound and inspired by my relationship with a girl from Stockholm, Sweden last year. During that time I sent a lot of modern postcards across the Atlantic. It would have been more Romantic to have been sending real transatlantic postcards, but the pros of instantaneous communication won out in the end. Despite their lack of nostalgic appeal, these modern postcards eventually led to transatlantic flights in both directions and me living in Stockholm for a summer with her. These postcards were written after I came back to the States and mainly deal with the end of the relationship and the process of letting go. Fortunately, my next album is a chronological narrative of the arc of the relationship and focuses more on the more incandescent aspects of romance.


released December 31, 2011

all songs written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael O'Shea at Solotechne Studios.
released by Solotechne Records.



all rights reserved


Solotechne Records Asheville, North Carolina

Solotechne Records is now Seven Moths Records.

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Track Name: Departures (Empty Airport Version)
we peel off
the titles
and hold hands
into the future

don’t let go
of me
just let me
breathe in your skin again

swept away
by fate
lovesick mistake
what’s right won’t let my soul rest
Track Name: Jennie (Quiet Night Version)
jennie, where did you go?
jennie, come home
I miss you I miss you I miss you so
jennie, come home

you’ve got my world on your side
and you’re always on my mind
I choose to look in front
instead of always behind
synchronicity’s greatest gift
was bringing you to me
it’s true to me
you’ll always be
deep inside
and dear to me
Track Name: Let Your Walls Down
my heart is dizzy with
reality setting in
anxiety creeping up
in nausea deep within
I want to write a song for you
something to break through
the walls you’ve built up deep inside of you
but you don’t want me to
I know you’re scared
but that’s no way to be
I know you’re scared
when you look across at me
and think about a life together
I know you think only of stormy weather
but I want to be
caught in the rain with you
and I promise at least a sunny day or two
I know you’re scared
but I am too
so let me in
and let your walls down
just let your walls down
and I’ll do the same
Track Name: Synchronicity
deep within what it means to be
I simply can't believe
that distance leaves a space between

symmetry in different city streets
I see a piece of me
mirrored in you when you breathe
Track Name: Seasons
a new love blossomed in spring
and all summer I could only sing of you
but the leaves fell in fall
and winter nearly saw
the death of me
but I can feel the green
just waiting to be seen again
so bring on the spring time
let the cycle start anew
and please, please, please
let my heart forget you
Track Name: All Good Things
all good things
all must end
Track Name: Just Another
I wrote another sad song about missing you
it rang out hollow ‘cause there’s nothing left to do
about it now
and I’ve moved on but I’m still bleeding strong
when I think about it
you never seemed too terribly affected
so I guess you’re alright
when you lay down at night
I’m no longer an absence in your life
no longer missed
you’re no longer longing to kiss
I’m no longer an absence in your life
the space in between has grown into an abyss
and you have no idea who I am anymore
and I’m seeing I had no idea who you were
but who you’ll be is
just another
sad song
Track Name: Once A Lover
I am a heartbreaker
with a broken heart
and when I meet my maker
I’m gonna ask him how such a start
could to lead to such an end
how the sweet we had back then
could turn to such a bitter blend
once a lover, now a friend